• What is compost?
    According to the EPA, compost is organic material that can be used as a soil amendment or as a medium to grow plants. It is created by combining organic wastes in proper ratios with bulking agents (e.g., wood shavings) to accelerate the breakdown of organic materials. More mature compost includes the production of high temperatures of at least 131F to destroy pathogens and weed seeds that natural decomposition does not destroy.
  • What is In-Vessel composting?
    Composting is a natural biological process, carried out under controlled aerobic (oxygen) conditions, where various microorganisms including bacteria and fungi break down organic matter into simpler substances. In in-vessel composting, organic materials are fed into a drum where the environmental conditions (including temperature, moisture and aeration) are closely controlled. The Ecodrum™ has a motor to turn the drum daily for proper aeration, and conversion of organic material to compost can take as little as a few weeks. The Ecodrum™ draws air through the compost drum to create higher temperatures and speed up the composting process.
  • What inputs are required by the Ecodrum™ composting process?
    The Ecodrum™ requires a 220V outlet in order to run the 1hp motor. Bulking is required in order to achieve a good finished product. Suggested bulking materials are wood shavings and peanut hulls. Other bulking materials may be used but a representative should be contacted in this case.
  • Does the Ecodrum™ compost in cold weather?
    Yes Ecodrum™ can be used in cold weather. We recommend sheltering the Ecodrum™ in areas where high wind chill, snow and freezing rain are present during the winter months. Also, a higher ratio of bulking material to organics may be required in these areas.
  • What smells are produced by the Ecodrum™ composting process?
    Aerobic hot composting processes such as the Ecodrum™ produce very little odor.
  • How long does the Ecodrum™ composting process take?
    It takes as little as 2 weeks to compost mortalities.
  • What are the different Ecodrum™ models and how big are they?
    There are 4 different size models:
    • Model 260
    • Model 360
    • Model 460
    • Model 560

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