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What is Ecodrum™?

Ecodrum™ is the leading supplier of in-vessel mortality composting equipment. Since 2007, poultry, turkey, and hog producers have relied on Ecodrum™ composters to dispose of their mortality in a cost-effective and environmentally sensitive manner. We focus on bringing value to our clients through:

  • Intelligent product design
  • Continuous improvement of our product and production process
  • Well trained dealer network to provide training, and support on-going operations throughout North America

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Our History

River Bend Molding is a family owned manufacturing company, committed to being the market leader in animal mortality composting. We have been operating in rural Manitoba for almost 10 years, and have a long term committed staff with deep roots in the community.

The Ecodrum™ in-vessel composter came into existence around 2007 after a year of R&D into economical methods of disposing of barn mortality. Our team realized that the current options of disposing of animal mortality were labor intensive, with bio-security and maintenance problems.

Instead, we wanted the Ecodrum™ to be a long term solution that was

  • Practical
  • Cost effective
  • Bio secure

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have worked with suppliers, designers and educators to develop our design and our knowledge in the field. We have technical research projects with four universities to study mortality composting, and have worked with countless NRCS state and local offices, Departments of Agriculture and State Veterinarians. We are the most recognized name in the In-vessel composting industry, and have built a reputation for providing reliable product with support from a qualified dealer network.

We are committed to continue raising the bar of excellence, knowing that we can make a difference in the world around us.

Our History Our History

Why Ecodrum™?

  • The Ecodrum™ is a year-round system processing mortalities within a short period of time.
  • The cost of owning and operating Ecodrum™ is comparable to, or less than that of other management options.
  • Ecodrum™ simplifies the composting process and minimizes the amount of physical work needed with bin composting.
  • The composting process is clean and out of sight from neighbors.
  • The Ecodrum™ is safe to use and will reduce the spread of diseases caused from rodents and scavengers picking at a compost pile.
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  • What inputs are required by the Ecodrum™ composting process?
    The Ecodrum™ requires a 220V outlet in order to run the 1hp motor. Bulking is required in order to achieve a good finished product. Suggested bulking materials are wood shavings and peanut hulls. Other bulking materials may be used but a representative should be contacted in this case.