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What is Ecodrum™?

Ecodrum™ is the leading supplier of in-vessel mortality composting equipment. Since 2007, poultry, turkey, and hog producers have relied on Ecodrum™ composters to dispose of their mortality in a cost-effective and environmentally sensitive manner. We focus on bringing value to our clients through:

  • Intelligent product design
  • Continuous improvement of our product and production process
  • Well trained dealer network to provide training, and support on-going operations throughout North America

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  • What smells are produced by the Ecodrum™ composting process?
    Aerobic hot composting processes such as the Ecodrum™ produce very little odor.
  • How long does the Ecodrum™ composting process take?
    It takes as little as 2 weeks to compost mortalities.